It all started back in 2009 when I needed to relieve some bad moods with a totally different style of music than before. The idea of a solo project had been in my mind for some time and after a few personal mishaps I found myself working my ass off in a truly new mode. Guitars were tuned down and I decided to challenge myself with an increased emphasis on clean vocals in the new sound. Volucrine’s evolution one – simply named V – was born.

The first songs composed for the debut album The Year of Relinquishment (2011) set the course towards melodic thrash metal. I was really interested in adding some influences from Progressive, Doom, Black and Death Metal as well so the album started to have lots of diversity in it’s mood. With heart aching lyrics and dynamic vocals it was proven that V would not fear breaking boundaries with it’s versatility.

We started recording the album after I managed to get my close friend Teemu Velin behind the drum seat. Teemu’s strong and articulate style of playing really pushed the album material to a new level. The Year of Relinquishment was eventually released by Inverse Records in October 12th 2011.

Friends kept pouring in the band and a line-up for live shows was easy to assemble. Shows before and after the album release really fixed us together so we soon decided to make V a real band instead of a short term solo project. The latest addition to the line-up was Jarmo Hienonen to achieve a colossal triple guitar sound and a wider arsenal for harmonic guitar arrangements without compromises regarding rhythm guitar.

I started working with new material as soon as the debut was out. Production for the second full-lenght album contained 19 songs, four of which were selected to The Clockwork Tyrant EP (2014) and nine for the actual album The Lead Heavens (2015). Both were limited self release issues and were recorded for the first time as a real band with six individual members. These releases really steered our music towards a more solid style of chorus based melodic yet slightly progressive metal.

After recording the releases Teemu told us he would leave the band due to other responsibilities. Atte Marttinen from Kivimetsän Druidi took his place and we finally decided to change our name to Volucrine. It really marked the end of an era behind us to make us ready for what is yet to come.

Volucrine lives and breathes now, stronger than ever before. We are currently looking for a record label and a booking agency to bring our crown jewel, The Lead Heavens available for a wider audience. We are already working with new demo material so a third album ain’t that far away either. Please keep your hearts open for us!

See you all on the road!



Jupe Velin – Vocals
Joona Lapilainen – Guitar
Antti Heikkilä – Guitar
Jarmo Hienonen – Guitar
Joni Kyynäräinen – Bass
Atte Marttinen – Drums